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Tongue Twisters: Say this one 10 times fast!'s Journal
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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
3:53 pm
headline from cnn.com
"Plains brain drain on the wane?"

"As way to lure people back, Iowa is proposing to end income taxes for the under-30 set."

Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
1:07 am
Its all about the
Red leather, yellow leather...

seriously ;)
Unique New York, you know you need unique New York.

*sigh* its 1 am I cant think of the rest of that, or Linetts famous others...

Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
11:44 pm
An old favorite of mine
Good Blood Bad Blood.

Say this 10 times fast. :)
9:12 pm
A tall eastern girl named Short long loved a big Mr. Little, But Little, thinking little of Short, loved a little lass named Long. To Belittle Long, Short announced she would marry Little before long. This caused Little shortly to marry Long. To make a long story short, did tall Short love big Little less because Little loved little Long more?
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